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Trading ideas for Forex, Stocks, Commodity - Gold and Crude Oil is a special service that provides instant market orders in your best time for trading. Do not wake up during the night! Trade in your session with us!

May 24th 2021 set a new target for EUR/USD
EUR/USD new target is at 1.2225. The target is valid for the next 48-hours. The current trading is at 1.2185 as the level is recommended for long positions with target at 1.2225.

Mar 9th 2021 set a new target for Gold spot price
The Gold spot new target is $1748.00. The target is valid for the next week. Gold spot current price is $1708.00. The recommended SL level is $25.

Dec 9th 2020 set a new target for GBP/USD
This free signal is valid for the next 36-hours. Open long GBP/USD with target at 1.3415. GBP/USD is trading at 1.3374 now.


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GoForecasts is an international company providing services for all time zones in Asia (Australia), Europe (Africa) and America (North and South America).
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Forex Daily service is for active day traders. Get clear signals for successive trading. Forex Extra service is long-term service for higher profits. Commodities include Metal and/or Energy signals for Gold, Silver and Crude Oil. Stock Service is for the U.S. Stock market. The list of trading companies see here including Dow Jones Index.
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Trading in your session - Forex, Commodity and Stocks

Trading signals that combine technical and fundamental analysis in your trading session. You will receive the signals for your session - Asia, Europe and/or America. Trade in best trading hours for you. The signals are delivered to email, Twitter and/or Skype.

Stock Signals for all companies listed in Dow Jones Industrial Average. Also in the same service we provide signals for Dow Jones Index only. These signals are providing in America session only.
Commodity signals in each session. Gold spot and WTI (Crude Oil) signals in Asia, Europe and America session. Market signals to email, Skype and Twitter.
The Forex Service is Daily and Long-term with signals for EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CHF.



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