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May 15th 2024 New companies added to America Stock Service
Starting Monday, May 20, 2024, we will begin providing additional signals from NYSE-listed companies to the America Stock service.
This is the list of companies that are included in our program and in which we specialize. New companies will be added to them later. Those that were traded in the America Stock service until now continue to be traded.
List of the companies here.


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Trading signals that combine technical and fundamental analysis in your trading session. You will receive the signals for your session - Asia, Europe and/or America. Trade in best trading hours for you. The signals are delivered to email, Twitter and/or Skype.

Stock Signals for all companies listed in Dow Jones Industrial Average. Also in the same service we provide signals for Dow Jones Index only. These signals are providing in America session only.
Commodity signals in each session. Gold spot and WTI (Crude Oil) signals in Asia, Europe and America session. Market signals to email, Skype and Twitter.
The Forex Service is Daily and Long-term with signals for EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CHF.


Jan 22nd 2024 EUR/USD is consolidating ahead of an expected breakout.
Euro/Dollar could not find a way either up or down and started consolidating at levels around 1.09. It seems that the consolidation around 1.09 will continue for a few days, after which we can expect some active movements. Until then, we can take advantage of the small movements, buying and selling for a profit of 30-35 pips.
On Wednesday are the first key fundamental data for Europe and the United States, but expectations are for small corrections compared to the previous month (S&P Global Manufacturing PMI(Jan) and S&P Global Services PMI(Jan).
If there is no break in the narrow consolidation of 1.0855 - 1.0910 on Wednesday, we expect a break at these levels on Friday.

Dec 3rd 2023 EUR/USD will reverse trend this week.
Regardless of what happens this week, our prediction is that EUR/USD selling will continue. The dollar will regain lost ground from the last month. In November, the dollar lost more than 400 pips against the Euro in a continuous decline. With the beginning of December, the rise of the Euro ended. expects a rebound in the dollar supported by anticipation of good employment data at the end of the week.
EUR/USD could return to 1.0950 levels after, which would start a faster dollar recovery to 1.0650 - 1.0710 levels at the end of the week.

Oct 29th 2023 The war in Israel and a lot of economic data this week will determine the EUR/USD rate
The start of the new week is expected to be dynamic in view of the expected important political and economic events. How far will the Israeli attack on Palestine continue? If it turns out to be true that Israel is losing a significant part of the special forces and therefore temporarily stopped the ground operation, it may affect further actions.
On the other hand, the week is important for data on unemployment and new jobs in the United States. Already on Monday, data on the GDP of the largest economy in the Eurozone - Germany, as well as data on inflation - are expected.
Overall, expects the dollar to remain strong against the Euro throughout the week, with trade likely to reach EUR/USD levels of 1.0450.

Aug 26th 2023 The dollar still has some potential to grow.
After the sharp devaluation of the dollar at the beginning of July, a smooth recovery followed, which lasted more than a month. The strong dollar will continue until the end of this week, when data on unemployment in the United States and newly created jobs are expected. US Gross Domestic Product data is expected on Wednesday. The dollar has the potential to continue rising against the Euro during the week, but already much weaker.
We expect to see levels below 1.07 possibly up to 1.0660. The data, which is expected by consensus on Friday, does not give grounds for big movements, but surprises are always possible. After Friday, experts assume a reversal of the upward trend, but with less potential. The dollar remains generally strong against the Euro. There are not many positive signals in the Eurozone, at least in the data so far.

Aug 20th 2023 Crude oil will continue to rise in price this week
During the week of August 20 to August 25, we can expect high oil prices. The OPEC+ countries sharply cut production in August, having already started from the previous month.
With the pace of production cuts, a sharp rise in the price of oil is expected unless China goes into crisis. The probability that oil prices will reach levels around $90-$95 by the beginning of September is quite high according to forecast.



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