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Asia Forex Extra

The Asia Forex Extra is for active traders who are willing to risk more to win more. The service is specially developed for higher profits in rising risk. The positions in Asia Forex Extra uses: exact entry level, stop losses, take profit and trailing stops. For the difference than Asia Forex Daily service the Asia Forex Extra is with stop losses between 80 and 150 pips. The take profit level for the service variable between 80 and 250 pips.

The Asia Forex Extra signals are delivered directly to your e-mail (home and office), mobile device, Skype and Twitter.
The signals format is the follow:

Long EUR/USD @ 1.3300 SL 1.3205 TP 1.3445.

Asian Service
The Asian service is for each trader who is active during the Asian session time. The Asian session time is in the time frame of:

8:00 - 18:00 Japan Standard Time (Tokyo, Japan)
23:00 - 9:00 GMT (UTC)
18:00 - 4:00 EST (New York)

The signals for the different trading sessions are not cover. The signals for each of the trading sessions are for the trading sessions only. These signals are possible to close at the end of the trading session or to leave open during the next sessions. The open positions for the next sessions are close by TP, SL or TLS.

About Us:
GoForecasts is an international company providing services for all time zones in Asia (Australia), Europe (Africa) and America (North and South America).
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Forex Daily service is for active day traders. Get clear signals for successive trading. Forex Extra service is long-term service for higher profits. Commodities include Metal and/or Energy signals for Gold, Silver and Crude Oil. Stock Service is for the U.S. Stock market. The list of trading companies see here including Dow Jones Index.
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